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Diary of the Lost.


Diary writing isnt one of my favorite things to do but one has to talk to someone when he has no one to open his mind to.First of all,I hate College.The seniors are all messed up,those frustrated bastards start ragging us every chance they get.I mean,who the hell do they think they are!Most of them are boys from small towns or the countryside and how the hell do they dare pick on me!I mean fuck!I am Local of Kolkata from my Birth and these guys think they can do what ever the hell they want just because they are just a bit older!

Anyways,Met a guy from sundarbans over there.He seems rather decent.Most of the students over there are from the countryside.I never felt so out of place my entire life.

And the college itself is like a 300 year old coffin.Stuffy,with the walls bare and old,and the floors smell like shit.Even the latrines are horrible.

I feel like staying home forever.I would rather say unemployed than go to that hell hole.But naturally,parents wont allow and so…



Never Again|Oats


One of the many many things I hate in this world.

I mean,seriously,it isn’t even funny to say ‘oats’.It sounds more like something that you pull out of your ear when you have nothing to do.

I remember the first time,my mom brought home a small packet of ready to eat oats.After boiling for a few moments and adding the taste maker,the thing lay in front of me like a horrendous  white mass(with sprinkles of some spices).Just looking at that made me lose 4 kilograms that day.Then I took my first spoonful.It tasted like milk soaked paper.only crunchier.



Your earliest memory-This is a raather tough thing to write about as i hardly think about my past. My memories of the old past are very,very,very(a lot of verys here) shallow.But two things come to mind when I try to recall those old is me in a shirt which has a weird mickey mouse outline on it,jumping about in front of our house.My granny was alive at that time and she was saying something related to mangoes.The other thing is me going to wash my hands in the basin when suddenly the lower part of the basin falls down putting a long thin cut on my took me bout a few moments to realize what happened before i burst into tears(I was a bit of a crybaby when it came to wounds 😛 )

Your happiest memory-This is a special one.:) the next day after my gf’s birthday we went to a lakeside to spend a few romantic moments together,and we walked into a space where there was no one else.The we took each others hand and ran like little children towards the populated area again.That smile she wore while running with me,was awesome ^_^

Your worst memory-Deaths of our close ones make the worst moments in our life.My aunt,who used to live in another state,shifted back to our their parents house owing to her husbands retirement.She was one of the closest people to me in my life from when I was very little(I start writing like a child whenever I think about this,so dont mind the childish English But then suddenly,without any warning she passed away one day owing to acute miocarditis(I dont know if I spelled it right).Everyone was crying that day,and the sound of so many people crying,is hard to hear..

Freestyle memory-I remeber a lot of stuff that happened to me in school.I was one of the odd bunch,reasons being i talk a bit weird,i dont like abusing or bullying people for fun(it was mostly harmless ragging they did,like calling people by making ugly modifications to their parents names,but still).They used to call me by a weird modification of my fathers name that i used to dislike more than anything.I even beat up a few of them in the process.But they never stopped,I could never avoid them(believe me I tried),so I joined them in those mindless name calling till school ended.

The Green Eyed monster:A belated version


Something that makes everything in our life so very special.

And Cheesy. 😛

Lets refer to the guy as P.-

Dear P,

you have a few things which I’ve always wanted.Things I’ve been wanting a great many years of my life.

You can sing,something I’ve always wanted to do but every time I try it I sounds like a cat dying from mad cow disease.

You have superbrains.You can learn things just by reading about then but still no one forces you to go to the limit.You can spend your time doing whatever you want and no one would come and tell you how others are going to suffer if you don’t study all day long.

You have the physique of batman 😛 .

Your parents never force you to do stuff.You get a say in whatever your choose in your life.

Yes,I am jealous of you but you happen to be one of the best friends in my life.

I hope you never read this 😛

What Life wanted:Before and after.

Recollecting memories may not top the list of things i like to do but i’m going to write this anyway.:P

I remember when i was about 6 or 7 years old,my grandpa took me to his office in R.K.mission. and set me up in front of a PC.That was the first time I played Age of Empires.(Well,the first time I played a PC game to be more exact)I wanted to be a game programmer. From that Day on till until a few years back,that dream stayed until I discovered that in our country,PC game development industry s  didn’t have much scope for growth.On the other hand,my parents had spent a large part of their earnings so that i would be able to get into a respected stream. That’s when my aims and dreams shifted.And now here I am,a first year computer science and engineering student.Maybe,a few years from now,I may be able to learn a bit about game development in my spare time but to do it in full time,might not yeild the best results for me and my family 🙂

The Green Bloop

I believe most of you guys haven’t heard the legend of the green thingie.Even I didnt know until a few moments ago.It goes like this-
When the fireflies are as drunk as dew,

And all cats stop their mew,

Then the furry green thing will rise,

All of man will it surprise.

Hell,if i understand what that means!