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Diary of the Lost.


Diary writing isnt one of my favorite things to do but one has to talk to someone when he has no one to open his mind to.First of all,I hate College.The seniors are all messed up,those frustrated bastards start ragging us every chance they get.I mean,who the hell do they think they are!Most of them are boys from small towns or the countryside and how the hell do they dare pick on me!I mean fuck!I am Local of Kolkata from my Birth and these guys think they can do what ever the hell they want just because they are just a bit older!

Anyways,Met a guy from sundarbans over there.He seems rather decent.Most of the students over there are from the countryside.I never felt so out of place my entire life.

And the college itself is like a 300 year old coffin.Stuffy,with the walls bare and old,and the floors smell like shit.Even the latrines are horrible.

I feel like staying home forever.I would rather say unemployed than go to that hell hole.But naturally,parents wont allow and so…