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What Life wanted:Before and after.

Recollecting memories may not top the list of things i like to do but i’m going to write this anyway.:P

I remember when i was about 6 or 7 years old,my grandpa took me to his office in R.K.mission. and set me up in front of a PC.That was the first time I played Age of Empires.(Well,the first time I played a PC game to be more exact)I wanted to be a game programmer. From that Day on till until a few years back,that dream stayed until I discovered that in our country,PC game development industry s  didn’t have much scope for growth.On the other hand,my parents had spent a large part of their earnings so that i would be able to get into a respected stream. That’s when my aims and dreams shifted.And now here I am,a first year computer science and engineering student.Maybe,a few years from now,I may be able to learn a bit about game development in my spare time but to do it in full time,might not yeild the best results for me and my family 🙂