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Your earliest memory-This is a raather tough thing to write about as i hardly think about my past. My memories of the old past are very,very,very(a lot of verys here) shallow.But two things come to mind when I try to recall those old memories.one is me in a shirt which has a weird mickey mouse outline on it,jumping about in front of our house.My granny was alive at that time and she was saying something related to mangoes.The other thing is me going to wash my hands in the basin when suddenly the lower part of the basin falls down putting a long thin cut on my leg.it took me bout a few moments to realize what happened before i burst into tears(I was a bit of a crybaby when it came to wounds 😛 )

Your happiest memory-This is a special one.:) the next day after my gf’s birthday we went to a lakeside to spend a few romantic moments together,and we walked into a space where there was no one else.The we took each others hand and ran like little children towards the populated area again.That smile she wore while running with me,was awesome ^_^

Your worst memory-Deaths of our close ones make the worst moments in our life.My aunt,who used to live in another state,shifted back to our their parents house owing to her husbands retirement.She was one of the closest people to me in my life from when I was very little(I start writing like a child whenever I think about this,so dont mind the childish English But then suddenly,without any warning she passed away one day owing to acute miocarditis(I dont know if I spelled it right).Everyone was crying that day,and the sound of so many people crying,is hard to hear..

Freestyle memory-I remeber a lot of stuff that happened to me in school.I was one of the odd bunch,reasons being i talk a bit weird,i dont like abusing or bullying people for fun(it was mostly harmless ragging they did,like calling people by making ugly modifications to their parents names,but still).They used to call me by a weird modification of my fathers name that i used to dislike more than anything.I even beat up a few of them in the process.But they never stopped,I could never avoid them(believe me I tried),so I joined them in those mindless name calling till school ended.