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The Green Eyed monster:A belated version


Something that makes everything in our life so very special.

And Cheesy. 😛

Lets refer to the guy as P.-

Dear P,

you have a few things which I’ve always wanted.Things I’ve been wanting a great many years of my life.

You can sing,something I’ve always wanted to do but every time I try it I sounds like a cat dying from mad cow disease.

You have superbrains.You can learn things just by reading about then but still no one forces you to go to the limit.You can spend your time doing whatever you want and no one would come and tell you how others are going to suffer if you don’t study all day long.

You have the physique of batman 😛 .

Your parents never force you to do stuff.You get a say in whatever your choose in your life.

Yes,I am jealous of you but you happen to be one of the best friends in my life.

I hope you never read this 😛